Thursday, October 29, 2009

In Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" foreshadowing is used to hint the reader that the death of the Clutters is soon to come. Capote mostly uses a great amount of his foreshadowing at the end of his small chapters. When Capote describes Hebrert Clutter's day he says "Then touching the brim of his cap, he headed for home and the day's work, unaware that it would be his last"(Capote 13) Capote is telling the reader that this is the last day of work when Herbert Clutter would have to come home exhusted. Other then only using words to tell the reader that a bad action is about to take place, he also switches between talking about the Clutters then to Dick and Perry back and forth back and forth. Capote does not actually state what Dick and Perry are about to do, but he does say "between today and tomorrow the aged Chevrolet was expected to perform punishing feats"(23). This quote explains that Dick and Perry are about to take a long ride in which the performance of the car is cruical to the execution of the master plan. Also Perry and Dick must buy nylong rope and in the back of the car was "a twelve guage pump-action shotgun, brand new"(22) Here again Capote is infering that the two friends were about to perform in illegal actions which involves a gun. When a gun is refered to it usually death, foreshadowing the Clutter's death. Before the end of the first section of the book ends the police does find the four bodies and Dick and Perry are 800 miles away from holcomb.

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